I Love Beach Rock

It is summer and I feel so alive. I have been listening to a lot of surf rock and beach rock. I don’t know the difference, honestly. Is there even a difference? Is the difference between surf rock and beach rock sort of like the difference between tangerines and clementines? Sure. There’s a difference. But it doesn’t really matter in comparison to, like, real problems. If there’s a difference between surf rock and beach rock, it has to be minimal.

Beach rock has such ridiculous lyrics. Beach rock lyrics are essentially poetry written by an eight year old. I think the stereotype is that rap music has the most nonsensical lyrics, but I’d argue that it’s actually beach rock.

Beach rock is all about surfing, going to the beach, summertime, romance and having fun. Those are the general themes. It’s funny, actually, because I’m definitely one to say things like “Country music is just a continuous series of discussing tractors, romance and trucks.” If I’m in love with beach rock, do I have to stop insulting country music? Is one any better than the other?

Beach rock is very happy and carefree. Whenever I listen to beach rock, I almost forget I’m a real person. As a real person, I’m worried about the future. I have responsibilities. I overthink everything. But when I’m listening to beach rock – there are no more rules. The future isn’t a real thing. I am a perfect human being who is amazing in every way. Everything is awesome. Everyone loves me. I’m really rad. Beach rock might be medicine.

Yes, beach rock is ridiculous. I don’t learn anything from listening to it. But I enjoy it. Sometimes, you just have to do what you enjoy. If I were asked, “Why do you listen to beach rock?”, I wouldn’t have a sufficient, thought provoking answer. But do I need one?

Listening to beach rock has taught me that I should relax. I overanalyze. It’s a problem. I care when people don’t text me back. I wonder if people dislike me or not. I’m indecisive because I don’t want to make the wrong decision. I care, a lot. I care too much. I overthink everything.

Also, I want to know the answer to everything. I want to know how everything works and I want to know why everything happens. But not everything in life is in my control. Sometimes, things happen – and they’re not what I wanted. Not everything has a reason. Why is beach rock so great? I don’t know. Why do bad things happen? I don’t know, either. But I just have to move on. Life goes on and things don’t matter as much as I think they do. I will be okay.

Beach rock has mellowed me. It’s making me realize, more and more, that I should just enjoy life. The world is a beautiful place. There are sunsets and sand and lemonade. There are wonderful people and wonderful places. Life is amazing. Why am I sad?


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