Does This Planet Have Too Many People?

Every day when I drive to school, I see so many cars. Sometimes, I can find a place to park quickly. Other times, I have to really search. And as I search for something as simple as a parking spot, I think about why I’m going through this continuous series of driving through a row, turning right, then driving through another row, turning right again, and repeating these actions.Each car, including my own, was driven by someone who, for one reason or another, feels the need to attend a university.

How are there all of these people? When you apply for a job, your application might end up among many others. Yours might not ever be read. Go to IHOP on national pancake day, which is next month, and see how many people are there for free pancakes. If you wait to buy something online, a horde of consumers might cause it might become out of stock. Read the news – so many people are causing so many news stories to be written. So many people are writing news stories. So many people are sharing news stories on Facebook – both real and fake. So many people are leaving harsh comments on the Internet. Going viral is considered significant, but doesn’t someone become a viral sensation just about every day? Have you ever wanted to go to a restaurant with someone, but have struggled with deciding where to go? All of these people have established all of these restaurants and now, you don’t know if you want authentic Mexican food, Americanized Mexican food, the restaurant with stellar tacos that’s a bit of a drive, a restaurant with pretty good tacos that’s closer by, the Mexican new restaurant that you just might get adventurous enough to try, a taco truck, or that one place you went to last week.

There are billions of people. But what do we do? It’s not as simple as telling people to stop having kids. There are people who don’t want to start a family, which might be helpful for the greater good. That could be one less job applicant, or one less school shooter. But what about the people who do want kids? To them, having children might seem fulfilling and be a life experience they feel the need to have.

It’s possible to live out your dream of having a family without adding to the population. People can adopt children. According to the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, about 108,000 of the kids currently in the US foster care system are eligible to be adopted, but on average, they’ll wait four years for an adoptive family.

What is even the argument against adoption? These kids need families and some couples want families. If you can adopt a dog and love it like a relative, you should be able to do the same with an adopted child. A dog can’t even understand the same language as you, but you still love it. And it’s easier to make a child do what you want than a dog. You can’t even eat chocolate with a dog. What’s the difference? 

Why do so many people feel that they have to have their own kids? Even if your kids are related to you, you raise them well, provide for them, and try to instill positive characteristics in them – they could still not turn out well. Having your own kids doesn’t guarantee anything. Sometimes, you make something from scratch and it still doesn’t taste the way you thought it would.


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