We’re All a Little Pretentious

Happy New Year! This is the time of year when people make fun of new year’s resolutions. They point out that a lot of people don’t achieve their personal resolutions, even though I’m sure some people do. I’ve heard some people mention that new year’s resolutions don’t matter because the beginning of a new year is not legitimately different. It’s just a way to mark time. I agree with this. I think it’s true that you can change your life whenever you want. But is there anything wrong with making a resolution?

I think people who criticize new year’s resolutions are a little pretentious. They think of themselves as better somehow because they don’t want to better themselves the way others do.

We’re all a little pretentious. Maybe, that’s a weird thing to hear because typically, no one wants to be described as “pretentious.” I’ve noticed that being pretentious is associated with certain things in particular, like reading and not using your phone a lot. People feel that those who enjoy reading books view themselves as more intelligent than those who don’t read. Or, people who spend less time using their smartphones might believe that those who use their smartphones excessively are addicted.

But don’t we all think we’re making better decisions than certain other people, at least a little bit? For example, it’s odd to me that some people don’t regularly floss their teeth. Flossing is good for your gums and a simple step to take towards better health overall. If someone called me pretentious for believing this, I guess I would have to agree. I also think I’m a little pretentious when I compare myself to people who are in love with the television show Friends. It was not that great of a show, guys. None of the characters had personalities, except for maybe Phoebe. The show is so bland and basic. None of the episodes stand out to me as noteworthy.

The season premiere of The Bachelor aired last Monday evening. I’ve also noticed some pretentious feelings regarding this show. Some people who never watch it look down on those who do. The people who don’t watch often argue that a game show to find a significant other is an odd concept. They remind others that the show is filmed over the course of just a few weeks and that a lot of the couples don’t stay together once the season is over.

I know all of these things, but I still think The Bachelor is so entertaining. I live tweeted it last season and will probably do the same thing the next time I’ll be home on a Monday evening. I don’t take the show seriously. I just think it’s fun. I watch the show, but I also think it’s a poor way to find someone to marry. I think the reason couples break up after the season ends is because the show is so heavily idealized that they don’t truly get to know each other. The dates on The Bachelor are extravagant and romantic. There are hot tubs and helicopter rides. A band will play music as the two people on the date dance. They’ll go to beaches and other pretty places. But to me, that’s an unrealistic way to date someone. I think couples also need casual get togethers – things as simple as watching tv or eating ice cream in a kitchen together. If you’re going to date someone, you need to have conversations with them. But it seems like when people date on The Bachelor, it’s just a whole bunch of elaborate dates. That’s not real dating, to me.

I’ll still watch the show, though. It’s fun! And if you want to look down on me for that, maybe, you’re missing out.


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