I Love Not Celebrating Christmas

My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas. We don’t care about the holiday because we’re not Christians. I do sort of wonder about Christmas, though. How do you fit a Christmas tree into your house? If the presents are under the tree, what’s stopping a mischievous child from secretly looking at them? Once you’ve hung your Christmas lights – how do you turn them on? How do you even use wrapping paper? I know you use it to wrap a present, but how? There’s so many corners. I can’t imagine finishing gift shopping in a store full of screaming children, then having to handle the stress of wrapping a present.

I love not celebrating Christmas. I don’t have to undergo the process of buying gifts for my family members, but I can still enjoy the holiday. I can still eat candy canes. I can also buy myself presents, which is much easier than buying them for other people. I can enjoy being told “Merry Christmas” because although I don’t celebrate it, they’re still spreading the holiday joy. You can tell me “Merry Christmas.” It’s fine, I promise. I have sort of cheated the system. I’m enjoying Christmas while skipping the bad parts of Christmas.

I didn’t realize how lucky I am until I went to Target earlier this week to buy presents. This is something I’ve been able to avoid my whole life. But my best friend, Penny, told me she was going to give me a present. So, I definitely had to get her one. I love online shopping, but I didn’t think it would arrive in time for us to exchange gifts. So, I actually went to Target.

Oh my gosh, you guys. Target during the holiday season reminds me of a classroom being taken in charge of by a substitute teacher who has given up. It’s noisy. Things are missing. No one feels that there is anything that can be done, at this point.

I got Penny a candle and a pair of comfortable fuzzy socks – a gift that says “I guess a hug doesn’t count as a gift, so I’ll give you these things instead.” Or, a gift that says, “I’m not giving you xanax because I’m not much of a degenerate, but these items will probably have a similar effect.” Or, a gift that says, “Why even leave your bedroom?”

I only had to purchase one gift and even that stressed me out. How do you Christians do it for your whole family?  Was there a point in your life where you not only realized that Santa isn’t real, but that you have to buy multiple presents? What a life I live, being both Indian and Sikh. Maybe, people are racist against Indians because they’re just jealous that we don’t have to undergo holiday shopping.

Growing up, people felt bad for me because I didn’t celebrate Christmas. They made me wonder if I was missing out. I think all I missed out on was getting the same Bath and Body Works product three years in a row.


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