Life Gets Harder

The semester is over. Finals week is a stressful time, but I know I should enjoy it while it lasts. Once I’m done with college, I’m sure life will get harder.

Generally, college is pretty straightforward. There are professors that will give a study guide for the final exam. Often, I can study everything listed and be able to answer most of the questions correctly. Then, I’ll earn an A. If there is a term paper, the professor has to give instructions of some sort. When I  do everything asked, I earn an A. The syllabus lines everything out. Essentially, all I have to do is walk through it.

Maybe you’ll go to graduate school, but at some point, you’ll have to work a full time job. That’s when life becomes less organized and systematic. For job interviews, there’s nothing like a study guide that shows everything in detail. You won’t know what questions you’ll be asked at all. But you’ll do your best and hopefully get hired by someone. Also, I wonder if college students who never take classes at 8 am realize that later in life, they’ll have an 8 am every day called work. You can’t skip work the way you can skip classes. You have to go. And then also, you’ll probably be living on your own; renting an apartment. If you don’t have enough money by a certain date, you can become homeless. Paying rent is not like finals week in the sense that you can slack off, then really put in a lot of effort at the end of the sixteen week semester. You have to be on the ball all the time; constantly thinking about how you’ll have enough money for rent. 

The thing about college is that even if nothing is okay, everything will be okay. I’ve never failed a class, but if I did – I’d still have a place to live, food to eat, and an opportunity to retake the class. College is safe. Life after college isn’t. 

This worries me all the time. Who will hire me? What will I be able to afford? How will my life be? I think college is so easy to glide through. I just go to class and put in some effort, then I get good grades. But at first, college was a fearful place. It was so much easier to get good grades in high school. Teachers offered points just for participating. That’s it – just making an effort. They also offered way more extra credit. Some teachers allowed students extra credit for not using the restroom during class. That’s such a simple way to raise your grade.

And then I got to college and it was all over. Tests mattered way more – doing poorly on one made a much bigger impact on my overall grade. But I figured it out. I get good grades and I’m doing alright. Will I be able to figure out life after college in the same way? I guess I have to if I want to have enough money to buy groceries. 


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