I’ve Never Been to a Concert

When I was younger, I heard people talk about concerts all the time. Sometimes, people would show up to school the next day wearing a shirt they purchased at a concert the night before. It saddened me, but I told myself I’d go to a concert someday. A few years ago, I thought I would have attended a concert by now. I’m 20 and still haven’t been to one.

All of my friends have attended concerts before. I really wonder what it’s like for the music to be live and in front of you. Like, I buy a ticket and I’ll be right there in the room? I’ll be in the same room as a musician? That doesn’t even sound real.

I want to go a concert; I really do. I think I will one day. I have considered going to concerts that don’t interest me just so I can have a concert experience. But that’s so dumb. I don’t have to do something just to do it. I should actually enjoy what I’m doing.

I guess I considered going to a concert I don’t care about because I became more desperate as time has gone by. I noticed that time was passing by and I still hadn’t done it. But there is no checklist for life. You should do things when you want to do them. I turned 20 and still haven’t been to a concert. Some people graduate high school and still don’t know what direction they want their life to go in. People even face this exact dilemma after graduating college. Some people still aren’t married by an age that they thought they would be married by. But we still have time.

When will I go to a concert? I guess when I find a concert that I’m interested in attending and am able to go to. I’d love to see the band Glass Animals. They’re so cool. Their music is weird but rad. I wish I had seen The Weeknd live around 2012. Now, if I were to see him, he’d probably perform his new music. But I like his older music much more. She gets a lot of hate, but I honestly love Lana del Rey so much. I think it would be fun to go to a concert for a band I have never heard of before. I could walk in with no expectations whatsoever.

I have all of these questions and concerns about concerts. I assume I need to get there early. The performer usually doesn’t start on time, right? And we stand the whole time? I hope I don’t get too tired. I want to enjoy the night without my phone, but maybe I should take one picture and one video to look back on later. Then, I can put my phone away and have a good time. Are people friendly at concerts? I hope so. I love meeting new people!!!



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