Alone with your Thoughts

A lot of people have written about the election’s results. So, I think now is the time for me to write about a topic that would usually annoy people, but not this week because at least it’s not the election.

I think we’re spend too much time on our phones.

On Tuesday night, I went to my room around 9. I was watching election coverage in the living room, but I left because my parents were about to sleep and the TV would be too loud. So, I went to my room and continued to check election coverage on my phone. Late in the night, Donald Trump’s win was officially announced. I was so upset.

Why didn’t I just go to sleep? Or, why didn’t I just put my phone away? I would have been way happier, even if it was temporary. It was difficult for me to fall asleep after that.

I don’t think I’m as attached to my phone as other people. I make a snapchat story maybe once every other week. I don’t text while driving. I’m able to set my phone aside for conversations, movies, and good times. Once, I played apples to apples with a group of people and had so much fun. In the corner was a group of people dancing. We were surrounded by people on their phones. Why did they prefer that to human interaction? Isn’t it more fun to actually do things with other people?

But I do still like my phone – maybe too much. I wanted to know who was elected president right when it happened. For some reason, I like having my phone in the bathroom as I shower so I can check it once I get out. Can’t I just have my phone in my room?

I think that it’s healthy to sometimes be by yourself and not check your phone – just be alone with your thoughts. It gives you time to think about how you feel. I didn’t post any tweets for hours after finding out about Trump’s election. I just wanted to think about it. So, I did.

Maybe, being alone with your thoughts terrifies you. But you don’t have to do it for that long. Or, at all, I guess. My professor asked us if we would ever leave our houses without our phones. I probably wouldn’t because my brother might need to be picked up early or something. But he usually doesn’t even text me throughout the day. Maybe, I should try it sometime. It can be just for an hour.

Be alone with your thoughts!!! But then also, you don’t have to check your phone when you’re with other people, either. Have fun doing whatever you’re doing. Enjoy life!!! Embrace life.


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