Some People Aren’t Voting

Some people are choosing not to vote for any presidental candidate next Tuesday. They’re just not going to vote. The argument is essentially – why choose when you don’t have to?

I thought about the idea of just not voting at all for a president. Does it make sense to vote for someone that you don’t support? Should someone feel that Trump’s ignorance and lack of political experience is a concern, but vote for him anyways? Should someone feel that Clinton is a warmonger, but vote for her anyways?

I feel that people should vote anyways. I understand that this election is very frightening and different from previous elections. But it’s real. Someone is becoming president. We can’t stop someone from being elected, but we can at least vote.

I feel that there are two main ways to influence politics. One is to have a lot of money. I wish money didn’t have as much of an influence on politics as it does. Interest groups can pay members of Congress. It’s also pretty hard to run for president without a lot of money. Are there people out there who could be great presidents, but aren’t rich enough to have a successful campaign?

The other way to influence politics is to vote. And I know, voting doesn’t matter very much. But it matters a little bit, at least. Choosing to not vote is a way to not participate in an election that upsets you, but it doesn’t really stop anything. Someone will still be elected.

It’s okay to wish the Democratic and Republican nominees were other individuals. It’s alright to feel that this election isn’t the best one. But what are you going to do? It’s sort of too late now.

I don’t know what choosing not to vote accomplishes. But I do feel that people should vote because they want to, not because they were told to. That’s why I’m tired of celebrities encouraging people to vote. If you’re not going to vote for president, I’ll still respect your decision.


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