Halloween and Hindsight

Halloween was on Monday night. I passed out candy. Two people came to my house without bags – they were just eating candy as they went along. I think that’s the truest form of “live every day as if it’s your last.” If today was your last day, wouldn’t you eat all of your candy? Hypothetically, you wouldn’t be able to eat it tomorrow. I guess these hoodlums didn’t want to carry a bag. I told one of them that he would get a stomachache in 20 minutes.

I also saw a group of guys come without costumes. They just wore clothes. I told them, “sick costumes.” They went along with the joke and said they spent a lot of time making them. I think these guys wanted candy, but felt that wearing costumes would be lame.

Eating a large assortment of candy in a short amount of time is a bad idea. No one is too cool for a costume. I guess I know these things because I’m older and wiser.

I was once them. In high school, I did cross country and track and knew I shouldn’t eat too soon before practice. But I would do it anyways. I vomited while running once. I’m now old enough to be able to look at people younger than me and reflect on my own mistakes.

It’s so weird being on the other side. I’ve seen people who are teachers do irresponsible things and be drunk. When I was younger, I never really thought my teachers did things like that. I saw them as two dimensional. A scene from the show Arthur describes how kids see teachers pretty accurately. A character named D.W. thought that teachers lived at schools and was surprised to find out otherwise.

Here’s the thing, though. I’m only 20. I’m young. I wonder if people older than me feel that anything I’m currently doing is foolish. Maybe I should ask them. I wonder what they would say. Maybe, they would point something out that feels completely normal to me. Then, I’d ignore them and continue with life and later realize that they were right. Or, maybe they’d choose not to say anything at all. They might feel that it’s better for me to learn on my own.

Is there anything that I’m doing right now that I shouldn’t be doing? Most likely. But it probably feels like something that’s completely okay to do. I wish I knew what mistakes I’m making right now. I guess I’ll have to keep living if I want to find out.


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