Just Do Whatever You Want

I love Natasha Leggero so much. She’s one of my favorite comedians. Her and Lana Del Rey are the two most glamorous people I’ve heard of.

The other day, I watched her new web series. Shortly after her wedding, she and her husband, another comedian named Moshe Kasher, went on a tour. (ps: his memoir is fantastic.) The two of them held shows in various cities and offered relationship advice to audience members. In Las Vegas, they talked to a 23 – year  – old girl named Lacey (or Lacy? I don’t know) who wants to get married, but her boyfriend, Dave, (I don’t see how there could be an alternate spelling) is hesitant. Leggero asked Lacey, “What makes you think this is the man you want to marry? Like, when I was 23, I was, like, living in Australia with a con artist.” She also tells the couple, “Try to live beyond rules in your life for once.”

I love Natasha Leggero!!! I love her so much. I think Lacey felt that marriage was the appropriate next step because her and Dave have been together for years and haven’t ran into many problems living together. I guess Lacey felt that marriage was what made sense, given her situation.

But it doesn’t matter what makes sense because life doesn’t make sense. Life is complicated. You don’t always choose what happens to you. Sometimes, good things happen to people who don’t deserve them. Sometimes, bad things happen to people who don’t deserve them. Life is weird. Life is unfair. And life doesn’t make sense.

Maybe, Lacey thinks people will ask her, “Why aren’t you guys getting married if everything is going well?” But she could just tell them, “If you like marriages so much, then you can get married.”

I love the sentence “Try to live beyond rules in your life for once.” I might have to write it down and tape it to my mirror. The current paragraph taped to my mirror is ugly because I printed it off of google docs and used one of their off brand fonts. I also thought using a color besides black would make it look better, so I chose some color that couldn’t decide if it wanted to be pink or purple. It’s gross. But a quote from the Natasha Leggero would be so much prettier.

I know, living by the rules is easier and requires less explanation. But a venn diagram of rule followers and exceptional people is two separate circles. If you want to do something that’s really cool, you have to live beyond rules. If you get married early in life, you’ll be able to settle down sooner and live contently. But if you wait to get married, you can do so much more.

You can live anywhere because you don’t have to think about where your spouse wants to be. You can take whatever job you want.

You don’t have to devote time to your partner, so you can do more of what you want. Maybe, you’ll decide to start knitting with your free time and start an etsy shop. Or, maybe you’ll read a lot and turn your life around because of something that you learned from a book. Perhaps, you’ll get really into cooking. If you get married early, you’ll never know what cool hobby you could have picked up with all of that extra time.

And overall, you can go through life at the pace that you want to. Why be in a hurry? You can get married later. It’s not a big deal, really.



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