You Are Your Own Person

Sometimes, I wonder if there’s anything about me that my mom could tell others with pride. I don’t know if there is. I’m smart, but others are smarter. I also haven’t achieved anything phenomenal. 

But I don’t have to accomplish something just so that my mom can tell people about it. I’m happy with who I am. I write a lot and have some close friends. I try to always be ethical and kindhearted. I think I’m generally a good person. I only have to live for myself.

You are your own person, so you should do what you want. You don’t have to follow the life path that your parents want. They had their chance. They have their own lives – now, they want yours, too? How selfish. I think each person should only get to be in charge of one life. 

Do!!! Whatever!!! You!!! Want!!! Wear what you would like. Wear a sweater that looks like something from the fresh prince of bel air. Wear running shoes. Wear something that’s out of style. Wear a backpack. Wear an adidas tracksuit. Read what interests you. Watch the movies you enjoy. Listen to nickelback if you like it, even though it’s a huge joke at this point. 

The more people are themselves, the more diversity there is. I love the idea of us all being very different individuals, but still appreciating each other. 


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