Do Something For The Story Every Day

A year ago, I bought a book called “Do Something That Scares You Every Day.” In the beginning, there are lines for the book’s owner to list personal fears. Then, there are 365 sections for the owner to write something they did that day that scared them.

The premise is that it’s crucial to scare yourself a little every day because that is the most direct way to face your own fears. Then, once your fears don’t seem so daunting, they won’t be as big of obstacles in your life. This is supposed to lead you to living a more fulfilling life in which your fears don’t get in the way of anything.

I think it’s a good premise. I wrote down a few things, then forgot about the book. The idea is that the owner should write something down every day. I have to face a fear EVERY single day? That’s difficult because all days are different. I might face six fears in a day and none the next three days. I could easily make it an entire day without coming across something I’m afraid of.

I’ve decided that I’m going to use the book again, but rather than doing something that scares me every day, I’m going to do something for the story every day.

To do something for the story means to take a action because you think it’ll become a cool story to tell later. Something like, “I decided to ___________ and ended up doing __________.” Or, “I asked her _______ and she told me, ___________”

But it’s hard to do something for the story every day. Not every day will lead me down that road. This was my past week:

  • Monday: I had to record interviews for my assignment. I walked up to a random group of people in the library. Some guy sat next to them and a girl I had interviewed said, “He wants to be interviewed.” But he hadn’t said anything about wanting to be interviewed. Was she messing with him? I’ll never know. I interviewed him. I had to ask him what his favorite part of fall is. It’s the weather.
  • Tuesday: I attended a mayoral debate. I got pizza twice, but nothing interesting happened as a result. No one got mad at me. There was a lot of pizza, by the way. More pizza than people. So, it wasn’t much of a problem that I got more.
  • Wednesday: The library called me and said that the book I requested was ready to be picked up! Then, I went there and couldn’t find it on the hold shelf. The shelves are organized by last name, so I found other Kaurs while looking for mine, a Kaur. Meaning, other Indians had books on hold. So like, they could have totally seen my requested book while looking for their requested books and told my parents about it. What if I randomly come home one day and my parents say, “MY SOURCES TELL ME THAT YOU’RE READING ABOUT________.” I guess that could be a story to tell. Anyways, my book wasn’t ready to be picked up even though I was told that it was ready to be picked up. What’s up with that?
  • Thursday: I picked up my book. That’s all, really.





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