Why Do Non – Black Minorities Use the N Word?

I watched a video in class that told a story about Alex Landau, a man who was pulled over by the police for making an illegal left turn. Him and his friend Addison were asked to step out of the car.

When the officers searched Landau’s car, he asked about a search warrant. The officers severely abused him and one said “Where’s that warrant now, you f*cking n*gger?” Landau is African American.

People have generally agreed that white people can’t say the n word, but all people of color can. But I feel that people of color who aren’t black shouldn’t say the n word either because the slur doesn’t get used to degrade them. The n word isn’t a personal insult to white people or non black people of color. It doesn’t describe us.

One argument could be that it’s okay for other minorities to use the word because they get treated unfairly as well. Maybe, people are only critical of white people saying it because they’re privileged. But as an Indian, I know that if you’re like me – not black, but not white either – it’s not our word. It doesn’t identify us. More importantly, it doesn’t insult us.

Obviously, the officer in the story used the n word as a racial slur towards Landau. When I hear the n word, it’s usually meant to garnish a sentence rather than to insult someone. For some people, it’s just a fun thing to say. They usually drop the r at the end, but does that make it different? It still doesn’t change the origin. I think people feel comfortable using the n word lightheartedly because they feel that it’s been a long time since it was a racial slur. Those who weren’t alive during the civil rights movement might feel sort of removed from the n word’s history.

But Landau’s incident happened in 2009. That’s not history at all. Someone used the term as a racial slur in recent years.

I don’t know how non black minorities feel okay using the n word. I guess they justify it to themselves somehow. But I’m not black. People might see me as inferior because of my skin color, but they don’t see me as a n*gger.

Just don’t use the word! It’s very simple. There are all of these other words in the English language, but you guys are so adamant on using the n word? Have you ever heard of the words “stellar,” “kerfuffle,” or “mollywhop?” In addition, it is pretty lazy to steal another racial group’s word and claim it for yourself. Why not find your own word?  Since I’m Indian, I’m going to list of potential n word alternatives for us. Instead of saying something like “What’s up, my _______?” you can finish the sentence with one of these.

  • Turmeric: It was popular in India before everyone else caught on.
  • Dog: Indians love spicy food. But when it’s too spicy, all you want to do is breathe through your mouth with your tongue out. This makes you look like a dog.
  • Elephant: They’re a very popular animal in India.
  • Report Card: Generally, Indians are intelligent.

2 thoughts on “Why Do Non – Black Minorities Use the N Word?

  1. I’m white, and of course I always avoid the N word. I didn’t know other minorities were “allowed” to use it. To be honest, I don’t know why anyone wants to use a word with such a negative connotation anyway. It seems disrespectful to me.


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