Summer’s Gone And Here’s Why I’m Happy

Summer’s almost gone and I have never been more excited to go back to school. My Indian parents will be so proud to hear this.  Here are the various reasons why I think I’m especially excited to return for another semester.

I have a new backpack
I’ve had the same backpack for five years. It was a black Jansport, which is so boring. I consider black to be the least interesting color, but don’t quote me on that because it sounds racist. Also, Jansports don’t deserve all the hype they get. They’re very popular, but for what? All of mine have formed holes. Now, I have a light pink backpack with white dots. It has a front pocket as well has inner pockets for a bottle of barbecue sauce. That’s the most important thing to take to school.

My birthday is almost here
I’m a Virgo (August 22 – September 22). Apparently we’re intelligent. But I often wonder if that’s actually because Virgo’s birthdays are at the beginning of the school year and we get so hyped for both school and turning a year older at the same time. You might think, “that’s not very logical,” but neither is astrology. So, you know. 

Fall is a good time for flannels. Oh, you want me to have a special reason for liking flannels?

The end of summer brings us closer to Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. I love eating!!! And, you know, being thankful. Thankful for food, that is!!! I got you there.  I’m actually going to be in Hawaii this year on the week of Thanksgiving. Also, the last time I was in Hawaii, I saw a turkey. So, yeah.








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