You’re An Olympian

I love watching the olympics. Every time the summer olympics occur, I see the same general joke on the Internet – something about how the athletes are really good and they aren’t. I’ll write some right now:

  • Katie Ledecky is 19 and a gold medalist. I’m 19 and I lost my gold bond lotion the other day!!! Omg!!! I’m the worst!!!
  • These people are participating in synchronized diving. I can’t even make my shampoo and conditioner finish at the same time. Wow! What a failure I am!
  • Michael Phelps is the most decorated olympian. My living room isn’t even the most decorated out of all of my friends! (I’d give that title to Beth… 🙂

We get it. They’re olympians and you’re not. I just don’t care for the joke anymore because I don’t think it takes much effort. It has been done over and over again, so, it’s easy. It gets likes. It lets people know that you watch the Olympics. Woo.

What’s interesting about the joke to me is that it makes the assumption that olympians are superior in all aspects.

They are phenomenal athletes. Of course. But are they flawless? Even an olympian is human. All humans make mistakes. An Olympian have some sort of shortcoming, just like us.

You. Yes, you. You’re an Olympian.

You’re probably not a literal Olympian. What I mean is that similar to how Olympians excel in athletics, there is something that you excel at.

I can write well. Others can’t. Some people are artistic. I’m not. I recently bought a coloring book and I mess up all the time. I have very little sports knowledge. I honestly used to think the Globetrotters were in the NBA. Sometimes, I suck. Sometimes, I rock. You’re the same way.



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