Why Does #Under35 Exist?

I found out the other day that there is a petition to allow people under the age of 35 to run for president of the United States. Right now, the Constitution states that one must be 35 years old and some people want that to change. The popular hashtag for this movement is #Under35.

I feel that the age should stay at 35. A person who wants to be THE PRESIDENT should have experience. By the age of 35, one has had the time to become involved in politics, such as serving as a governor or a member of Congress. Younger politicians probably lack this experience, so why should they be president? Being a president is a very big deal. It’s like you’re in charge of an entire country. Oh wait, you actually are.

#Under35 reminds me of that one Judge Trudy sketch in The Amanda Show in which a girl goes to court for painting The White House pink (It starts at around 2:40.) It’s a fictional sketch, but there is still a message there – sometimes, people have an idea that they really think is good, even though it might not be. We don’t necessarily need change. I think there are a lot of brilliant, intelligent, and motivated millennials out there. I’m sure they could do well as president. But can’t they wait?

Why does #under35 exist? I think some people believe in themselves more than they should. Being a great person doesn’t mean you’re great enough to be president. Some people might think they’re more capable than they actually are. Also, people want shortcuts. But a shortcut for becoming the president of the entire United States? Isn’t that too crazy?

This movement is so odd to me. I guess the argument is that here we are, letting only older people run for president and what did we end up with? Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Meanwhile, there are fantastic younger individuals with great ideas and visions. I don’t think all older people are bad, though. I’m sure there are some great ones who could make excellent candidates. 

So then, why did we end up with Trump and Clinton? Politics is heavily run by money, meaning that the richer you are, the more you can get your way. Trump and Clinton are both rich. They’re also both presidental candidates. Money influences everything. The NRA has a lot of members, so they have a lot of money. Members of congress can accept money from the NRA and in return, vote on legislation the way the NRA wants them to. I realize that people are heavily divided on gun control, but there is even difficultly passing legislation regarding background checks. Who could be against background checks?

I think #under35 is going after the wrong problem. How much of a problem are older people? I think it’s more about money. Money controls politics very heavily. And maybe there should be a hashtag about that instead. 


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