I Was an Only Child This Week

I’m a middle child, but I was an only child this week. My older sister lives in Arizona and goes to school there and my brother was gone this week for cross country camp. So, it was just me. It’s never been like this before.

When you’re a middle child, you get to be a youngster. My older sister has taught me a lot, but she also used to mess with me so much when we were kids. I felt betrayed at the time, but now, I think it’s hilarious.

For example, she convinced me that permanent marker is truly permanent on skin. I used one to draw on myself and panicked because I thought I was going to have to live with it. When she washed it off, she told me that I just got lucky.

Once, my  sister had anti – plaque gum and I really wanted a piece. She said I couldn’t have any because if someone doesn’t have plaque and chews anti – plaque gum, plaque will form in the person’s mouth. Can you believe that she now attends dental school?

As a middle child, you must take responsibility for the sibling who is younger than you. This is one of the first things I noticed when I became an only child. I am usually preoccupied with taking my brother places, picking him up, making sure he eats, and letting him know if I’m going to leave the house.

But this week, I only had to care about myself. I usually have to think about what days my brother has 7 a.m. cross country practice because I’m the one who takes him. But without him, I can wake up whenever I want on whatever day I want. Also, I was home alone a lot. I was able to do whatever I wanted without explaining anything to anyone. 

I wouldn’t want to be an only child all the time, though. What’s it like to grow up alone? If my sister had never lied to me years ago, I’d believe everything that everyone says to me.  Also, my brother is always around to help me print things.

If I was an actual only child, I’d probably be more of my own person. I would have gone through life by myself, so I would have developed more independently. My siblings wouldn’t be there to shape me. If it was just me, I’d have to figure everything out alone. 


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