It’s Already July?

It’s July? Yes, today is July 1st. I ask myself every year on this day, “How is it already July?”

To me, July 1st represents a significant fraction of summer being gone. On this day, I always think to myself: What have I done? Have I read enough books? Have I gone out of town enough? Have I raged enough? June is over!!!

Sometimes, summer can add pressure. Having all of this additional free time makes me feel like I should be doing more things. But I’ve come to learn that all I really need to do is enjoy my time. I can be a little lazy. It’s okay if I take naps and listen to podcasts in bed because I like doing those things.

I don’t think you should be unproductive ALL the time. You should try to see friends when you can. But if the day is over and you don’t know how exactly you spent it, don’t worry too much. Just try to do something the next day.

What adds to the pressure of summer is knowing that it’ll all be over eventually. Summer has an end, as it should. Do you really want to be on summer vacation forever? At some point, you will wake up covered in Popsicle sticks, wondering what you have become. Summer is temporary because it has to be.

Years ago, there was a summer in which I played an unsettling amount of Tetris. I even bought an app. Who buys apps? I always justify the purchase in my head by remembering that I used a gift card, so like, I didn’t spend real money. But I could have done so many other things. It would have been a better idea to buy a kids bop song. A song ends. Tetris doesn’t. The lines just keep on clearing themselves. I don’t know how I’m here today typing this while not playing Tetris.

It might be July 1st already, but you still have this entire month to do things. It looks like I’m going to the beach with my best friend Penny as well as Arizona to visit my sister this month. But I’ll probably also stare at my living room ceiling.


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