Stop Assuming That I Care

I’m not good at bowling. Often, when I’m bowling and getting consecutive gutter balls, someone else tries to help me out. They’ll give me advice on how to knock down actual pins – or, maybe just one pin. But here’s the thing – I don’t care. Nobody’s paying me to do it. I’m not graded on it. Is someone going to refuse to be my friend if I can’t bowl? It doesn’t matter if I’m bad at bowling.  I just want to have fun.

People assume that I care about being a better bowler. I don’t know why I need to improve my skills. It’ll never matter. Besides bowling, there are a multitude of things I don’t care about.


Contouring involves using make up to create an illusion that your facial features are shaped differently than they actually are. I don’t do it because my face doesn’t even look bad. I’d say it looks pretty nice. But also, contouring takes extra time. I love getting ready early and going on my phone for a few minutes until it’s time to leave.

I don’t know how to contour. I know, there are videos on youtube. Sometimes, contour kits have a little guide on the back. It becomes habit once you get the hang of it. It just takes practice. Whatever, I still don’t care. But I appreciate the help.

Wrinkled Clothing

I only iron my clothes to make my mom happy. That’s it. That’s the only reason. My clothes don’t need to be free of wrinkles in order to be wearable. I can still wear wrinkled clothes. So, what does it matter? My opinion would probably be different if I owned a steamer rather than a clothing iron. My mom knows about this blog, so, she might read this. Hi, Mom!!! Thanks for reading. We should get a steamer!!! They’re easier to use!!!

Gaining a Pound or Two

Gaining one or two pounds is alright because they’re easy to lose. If I gained more, I’d care because then it would be an actual health concern. But even then, I can still lose the weight. It’s okay to become a little chubbier. I’ll handle it. I’m not an overweight person, so, I’m still alright even if I’m 1 – 2 pounds heavier. You don’t need to tell me if I gained that much weight. I’ll figure it out.

Marrying Early

If it takes me a while to meet someone I want to marry, I’m not going to get married quickly just so I can be married before the age of, say, 25 or something. I’ll just wait to get married. I can wait. That’s an option. I’ll be fine.

I almost think it’s better to prolong marriage. Your wedding is a big deal. It’s quite an event to look forward to. So, why not build up the anticipation? If you get married too early, what will you look forward to for the rest of your life? Having kids? They cry. Your wedding doesn’t cry. But you might cry if you realize that you rushed marriage and might have committed to the wrong person.


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