Do it now!

A lot of people know that Netflix takes shows and movies off of their service all the time. I guess it gets taken off if not a lot of people watch it. Maybe this means I spend too much time indoors – but I think Netflix is a metaphor for life. 

Yes. I think Netflix is a metaphor for life. I hope no one ever quotes me on that because it’s not an accurate representation of my intelligence. I’m better than this, I swear. You never know when something is going to no longer be available to watch. It could be one of your favorite shows. Or, that one thing you have been meaning to watch, but have never gotten around to. 

You have to do it now. When you see something on Netflix, watch it right then and there! It could disappear at any time. 

More importantly, you have to do it now in life. If you know you love someone, tell them now. If you have always wanted to travel to a certain place, go there now. Or like, when you have the time and snacks and money. 

Similar to how things can disappear from Netflix at anytime, you, too can disappear at any time. You never know when you’re going to die. 

Everytime something is taken off of Netflix, it reminds me of how fleeting and unpredictable life truly can be. If anyone asks, I never typed that previous sentence. What if, years from now, a guy googles me before a first date and finds this blog post? I might have to delete this. It would complete my metaphor pretty well. Things can be removed from Netflix at any time. Life can end at any time. And blog posts can be deleted at any time. 


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