Goodbye, Community College

Tuesday was my last day of community college. I’m going to real college, guys. I think the only thing I’ll really miss is how easy the classes were. My art teacher gave me extra credit just for having good attendance. The class only met once a week. My project for sociology class was to take pictures and describe them. Seriously. In my philosophy class, our midterm was an essay. The teacher said that anyone who missed a test could make it up simply by writing another essay. It’s that easy? When you go to community college, the answer to that question is pretty much always “yes.”

Updating the whiteboard in the journalism classroom was one of my favorite things:

IMG_9275  IMG_9289IMG_9341IMG_9364IMG_9561IMG_9572

I wonder what I’m going to do at real college next semester. Do people vape there? Vaping is so sick. It honestly makes people look so cool. I bet real college is full of non vaping squares. I expected more out of myself for this post, but it’s Thursday night and I’m out of inspiration. It’s summer!!! HOLLA.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Community College

  1. Haha, the whiteboard is great.
    Not many people vaped at my school (in my majors). But maybe you’ll luck out and find some vaping peers where you go. Good luck!


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