Sort of Near, But Sort of Far

After next Tuesday, I have two years of college left. Graduation is sort of near, but sort of far. 

Two years isn’t that long. I’m already halfway done. And then in two short years, I need to know what I’m doing with my life. Some people say that your early twenties are a good time to figure that out, so you don’t need to know right when you’re out of college. But my parents wouldn’t allow that sort of uncertainty. College distracts you from actual adulthood. Complete a semester. Enjoy a vacation. Repeat. It’s easy.

College is simple, but also boring. Yesterday, I saw comedian Brandon Wardell (@BRANDONWARDELL) tweet “i think i love new york cuz no one drives n everyone wears a backpack” It made me so jealous. I want to go to New York City. Does everyone really wear backpacks over there? That’s so cool! With a backpack, I could carry a notebook with me all the time. I know, I can just write things in the notes section of my phone. But notebooks have designs on the cover. Designs!!! And I could write in cursive, which is one of my most useless talents. 

I want to move to another city. But I’m stuck here for another two years. It’s currently 2016 and I won’t be able to consider moving until at least 2018. 2018 doesn’t even sound like a real year yet 😦

I idealize post grad very heavily. I imagine myself living in a big city and being able to afford rent every month. That’s the dream right there. I should enjoy college while I can because once I graduate, I’ll most likely hate life. People often say that once you graduate, life becomes really difficult and everything sucks. Jobs. Rent. Bills.  

I’m trying to enjoy the present, but I’m always thinking about the future. I should love being in college, but I don’t know what to love about it. I’m sure I’ll figure out exactly what I love about college once I’m no longer in it.


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