End of Semester Portfolio

This semester, I was a reporter for The Rampage, Fresno City College’s student – run newspaper. This experience has taught me a lot. I have learned about the ethics of journalism. For example, it is crucial to record all interviews to avoid misquoting the interviewee. Also, stories should always be comprised of original content. Sometimes, issues arose, and I learned how to deal with them. Once, I was having trouble finding a person to interview to obtain information for my news story. So, I asked others and explained what I was trying to do. Also, there were times when my story was missing some elements. Often, the editors would read my rough drafts and guide me along. They would usually leave comments on Google Docs. I would read the comments and revise my story. I tried to be a good reporter throughout the semester. I always paid attention to deaadlines and communicated with others about my stories.

My work.

  1. Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions; You’ll Be Glad You Did
    This was my first article for The Rampage. I wrote my opinion on New Year’s resolutions – that there is nothing wrong with having them. I liked writing this article because it allowed me to express a somewhat refreshing perspective. I got a lot of positive feedback for it.
  2. Boxing Studio Offers Scholarship, Seminars on Self Defense
    This was my favorite news story that I wrote this semester. It is about a boxing studio on Van Ness avenue. I loved getting to visit Heartbeat Boxing and learn more about it. I drove to the boxing studio and conducted interviews. All of the people I interviewed were happy that I was writing a story about Heartbeat Boxing.
  3. Valentine’s Day for Everyone!
    This is an opinion article in which I explained that Valentine’s Day can be about more than just romance. Much like my article on New Year’s resolutions, I loved expressing a unique opinion. A lot of people loved this article. My sister and mother posted about it on social media.
  4. ArtHop Showcases Arts of All Kinds
    This was a fun story to work on. I attended Art Hop in downtown Fresno, observed the art exhibits and interviewed some artists and attendees. I liked being able to bring a little more attention to one of the most lively events in Fresno.
  5. AWP Conference Shows Career Paths to Literature Society
    This was an interesting news story to write. I talked with Fresno City College’s literature and arts society about a conference that they attended. One of the people I interviewed has published a book.
  6. Your Clothes Reflect You
    This was one of my last opinion articles that I wrote for The Rampage. It was inspired by personal feelings and opinions. The opinion editor, Alexxa, talked with me about the story and helped me write it with a more personal voice.



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