Loving Food Isn’t Funny or Original

There’s this one general punchline that people go crazy over. It’s about loving food. There are t shirts that say “fries over guys.” Saying you’d rather eat ice cream than be thin is hilarious to the world. Being obsessed with pizza is relatable as heck. There’s a video of Jennifer Lawrence being interviewed and she says something like, “I see you talking but all I’m thinking about is fries” and the entire internet adores it.

Who told these people that loving food is funny and/or original? I don’t know if people know this, but loving food is human. Literally, you would stop living if you no longer ate. You heard it here first.

Usually, jokes about eating in excess are about unhealthy food. “I LOVE FOOD THAT’S BAD FOR ME!!!” everyone exclaims. Yes. We all do. It’s a result of evolution. When humans were just trying to survive, they didn’t know when the next meal would be. So, when they received an opportunity to eat, they went all out. They tried to fatten up. And that’s why we want fat, salt, and sugar so much, even today.

I guess nowadays, a lot of us are fortunate enough to know when the next time we’ll eat will be. Or do we? You could die at literally any time. Drink that milkshake. You might only have a week left to live.

Also, there’s foodies. People who are food enthusiasts, also known as people who want to stay alive. Isn’t everyone a foodie, then? Foodie should be another word for human. We’re all foodie beings.

If you were a true, genuine food enthusiast, you would eat anything and everything. You’d be eating the food that smells weird. The snack that you’ve never tried before. The part of an animal you didn’t even know was edible. It seems like these foodies just go after the food that already seems delicious. I am not impressed. Pour salsa over a brownie and then we’ll talk.

If you love food, you’re like everyone else. Literally everyone else. I’m glad we had this talk.


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