Stop Using Incognito Windows

There’s a feature on Google Chrome called the incognito window. It’s like a regular window, but websites viewed in it don’t show up in any browser histories. Also, no cookies are stored.

The incognito window is clearly made for when someone wants to do a certain thing on the Internet, but doesn’t want anyone to find out about it. Maybe you have something in mind for how the feature could be used, but it could be anything. A google search for that one slang term. Watching an episode of a questionable show. Extensive research on fanny packs.

Incognito windows are unnecessary. Just be honest. If someone finds out about a website you visited, own it. Be like, ” You know what? Yeah. I looked up a remix to a G Eazy Song. Someone told me about it, and I wanted to listen. Come at me.”

 Life is more fun and less exhausting when you embrace who you are. Incognito windows are a way to hide and fabricate a false image. Stop using incognito Windows. Be you. Do you. Own you. 

Also, stop using the mute feature on Twitter. It allows you to follow someone, but not see their tweets in your timeline. If you don’t like their tweets, unfollow them. 

Don’t quickly tap through someone’s snapchat story if you think it’s long and boring. Just stop watching it.


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