Backstreet Boys versus *NSYNC

A few days ago, I realized that the world needs a written comparison of Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. So, I’m taking it upon myself to write it. I do it for the people.

Who’s better? I don’t know. I’m going to keep writing paragraphs until I figure it out.

The case for Backstreet Boys

They released the albums Millenium, Backstreet’s Back, Black and Blue, and NKOTBSB. Black and blue is such a tacky color scheme. NKOTBSB is their collab album with New Kids on the Block. The letters stand for new kids on the block/back street boys. They didn’t try with that album title. Not even a little bit.

My favorite backstreet bangers are “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” “Gotta Be You,” and “Larger than Life,”

What really sets the Backstreet Boo Thangs apart is the fact that they were on the show Arthur.

Backstreet's back

Come on guys. Arthur is a great show. The sugar bowl was such a cool hang out spot. It was probably a trap house, too. I mean, they were always there. Was it really sugar in that bowl? Buster was so weird. People aren’t born with that much weirdness. Something happened to him to make him that way. If I ever meet him in real life, I’m going to hug him a little tighter. He needs it. DW reminds me of Riley Curry for some reason. What a show.

The case for *NSYNC

*NSYNC released the albums NSYNC, Home for Christmas, The Winter Album, No Strings Attached, Celebrity, and Greatest Hits. This discography is money. Even as a great band, they were still humble enough to go home for Christmas. But they weren’t dumb enough to not know how great they were, hence Celebrity and Greatest Hits.

My favorite *NSYNC jams are “Pop,” “No Strings Attached,” “Space Cowboy,” and “Here We Go.”

Also, *NSYNC had Justin Timberlake. He’s so great that he releases an album, like, every five years and nobody ever bothers him about it.

Let’s not forget that *NSYNC has their own meme. The “It’s Gonna be MAY” one that was inspired by their song “It’s Gonna Be Me.” The meme is annoying now, but it was pretty good for a while.

So, *NSYNC is better than Backstreet Boys. Now you know. Typing an asterik before their name gets exhausting after a while. But I do it for Justin.


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