You Should Accept Compliments

I get a lot of compliments. Humble brag, I know. My first name translates to “humble,” so, I’m practically an expert.

I never respond saying something like, “No I’m not!” I accept pretty much all compliments. I think you should, too, even if you don’t believe them.

People probably genuinely mean it when they compliment you. But if they don’t mean it, that means they’re trying to make you feel better or brighten your day. That’s okay, too. Let them try to do that. They’re doing it for a reason.

Also, some people are hesitant to give compliments. You hear, “You’re really pretty.” But that person’s thought process beforehand might have possibly been:

  • She’s so pretty.
  • I should tell her.
  • Is that weird?
  • Pretty isn’t a weird word, though. Right? Is it overused? Should I say beautiful? Is that taking it too far? I’ll play it cool with “pretty.” I’m cool. Cool like a pool. Coooooool. Cool cool cool. As Josh from Drake and Josh would say, I’m the cooliest. I miss Josh. Drake was a jerk to Josh and always brought him down. I think Josh’s nerdiness really humbled Drake. Whenever Drake thought he was great, he would remember that he’s friends with Josh and be brought back to earth. Everyone needs a Josh in their life. I don’t have one, which probably means I’m the Josh in my friends’ lives. That’s okay. I’ll own my Joshness. Where was I? Oh, she’s pretty. And I’m going to tell her.
  • Will she think I’m telling the truth?
  • She’s leaving soon.
  • I could tell her tomorrow.
  • Alright, today’s the day.
  • It’s just a sentence. You’re the eye of the tiger. You can do this.
  • It’s the EYE OF THE TIGER; IT’S THE THRILL OF THE FIGHT. RISING UP TO THE CHALLENGE OF OUR RIVALS. What a song. The song of champions. How did I get here? Ohhhh. Yes. She’s pretty. I’m going to tell her.
  • Aaaaaaaaaand she’s gone. It’s cool. Tomorrow.
  • I have literally been saying sentences my whole life and I can’t say this one.
  • Who am I? What am I? A person that can’t speak?
  • There is a silence in the conversation.
  • Now. Say it now.
  • “You’re really pretty!”
  • What do you mean, “Do you mean that?” YES I MEAN THAT. OH MY GOD.
  • I have spent days trying to reassure myself that giving a compliment is okay. And then I do it and find out that it’s not. I’m going home. I’m sitting in a corner. I’m staring at the wall. No wall would ever do this to me.

That could be going through someone’s head and you could have no idea. You can’t stop them from overthinking, but you can at least accept the compliment.

I get that you truly might not believe people when they compliment you. Maybe, the things they seem happy about are the ones that keep you up at night. Please stop being your own Drake Bell by bringing yourself down. (I just really wanted to reference Drake and Josh one more time.) See yourself the way the people that compliment you do.


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