I Have Too Much Self Control

Next Tuesday, IHOP will be serving free pancakes all day. This occurs every year, and you’re welcome for reminding you.

I went last year with my sister. Before going to IHOP, we walked through Target. I found a pair of shoes that I really wanted.


I took a picture and walked away. A year later, I regret not buying them.

I think I have too much self control. In general, I hate buying things. I don’t do it, but when I do, I hate doing so.

“Your life must be soooo hard,” you reply sarcastically.

I get it. There are a lot of people out there that don’t know how to stop themselves from spending money on things they don’t really need. I’m sure they want to be like me. But do they? Because I’ll tell you – being like this sucks. It keeps me from enjoying life. Buying things is fun. So, when I don’t do it, I’m not having fun.

Who remembers “Treat Yo Self” from the TV show Parks and Recreation? I’ll explain. Characters Tom and Donna spend a day treating themselves. They shop and buy the things they desire. Sometimes, they buy unnecessary, frivolous things, but it makes them happy. And they love doing it! If Tom and Donna were real people (THEY SHOULD BE) and invited me to treat yo self day, they would hate me. I’d be overthinking and I would probably not even buy anything.

Sure, that would make me sensible and responsible. But also, boring. I’m the person everyone hates because I make people feel bad about their purchases. I’m the buzzkill. I’m the one that doesn’t have enough fun. I’m the one that needs to turn her brain off and just buy things.

Oh my gosh. I’m no different from the person that reminds people that food has calories. I’m horrible.

I’m a fun person besides my excessive self control, I swear. But I have some work to do. I need to recite “treat yo self” in my head all the time. Honestly, life is all about treating yo self. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Not to be a buzzkill again, but life moves quickly. You have to cherish it while it exists. Life is more about fulfillment and less about “I shouldn’t buy it because I don’t really need it” and regretting the decision forever.

Also, now is the time for me to spend money because I live with my parents and they throw ~*~ dollaz ~*~ into my bank account pretty much whenever I ask (which isn’t often.) I can revert back to not buying things when I’m a broke post grad.

So, if you’re reading this and wondered why you bought all those things and are kind of hating yourself for it – I want to tell you something. I wish I was you. I wish I was living life the way you are. I’m working on becoming you. I bought two clothing items this week. Also, I’m changing my phone’s background image to one of Tom when he was treating him self in that episode as motivation. I need to change. I’m getting there. Baby steps.

Treat. Yo. Self.








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