Why Podcasts are Hot in 2016

I’ve become one of those people who listens to podcasts. A podcast is an audio recording that involves people talking. They talk about anything, really.

I think podcasts are especially relevant in 2016 for two reasons.

First, the Internet is poppin’ now more than it was in years past. This has given people access to an ungodly amount of information. You could literally do nothing but use the Internet and you would still not see, read, and hear everything on the ‘net. It’s stressful, really, to consider how much great stuff I could be missing. I feel that I use all these forms of social media and do all these things on the world wide web, and there’s still a lot I haven’t discovered.

Because there’s SOOO MUCH, often, things are formatted for quicker consumption. Cooking videos are fast forwarded to 30 seconds. Columns are presented in list format, because who has time for paragraphs? Instagram now cuts off captions at a certain point and gives scrollers the option to tap the text in order to continue reading. Maybe they should start implementing a character limit for captions. “But those who type paragraphs won’t be able to do so!” you might point out. Yeah. Exactly. It would be great. After doing that, the only other change that would need to be made is deleting pictures of black coffee and Instagram would be a perfect app. Stop pretending black coffee is good. Just, like, stop.

Anyways, in a world of media efficiency, I like podcasts because they’re long. Often, they’re around an hour in length. This allows people to talk about issues, tell stories, and joke around without feeling rushed. Listeners get all the details, thoughts, and arguments. It’s much more relaxed and thorough.

The second reason podcasts are great in this day and age in particular is Internet outrage. People get worked up over a tweet, when it’s very possible that the tweeter could have explained what they meant in their following tweets. People can copy and paste a paragraph from a column, completely out of context, and rant about it.

But podcasts are pretty protected from outrage. You can’t really listen to just a minute or two, because it won’t make sense. Nope, you have to listen to the whole thing. This reduces the possibility of someone jumping to conclusions based off something incomplete.

And if something offends you? What are you going to do, screenshot the podcast? HA. HAAAA. HAHAHAHA. YOU CAN’T SCREENSHOT AUDIO. Are you going to type out the sentences that offended you verbatim? You’re going to have to rewind a few times in order to get all the words. You’ll be typing real quick. Good luck.

This shield from the crazies allows podcast hosts to have much more open conversation. They can really express themselves. It’s more natural, more genuine. I appreciate it.

Podcasts are in depth and honest. I love it. It’s probably the most conversational form of media out there.


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