PSA: Stop Overly Documenting Your Life

Shortly before checking out of our hotel room yesterday in San Francisco, my sister, Kira, got a text from one of her friends regarding a trip to Vegas.

They might be going together next month. Kira said that if she goes, she’s just going to leave her phone in the hotel room. Last time she went, her phone was stolen by some lame-o.

So I said, “What do you even need your phone for, honestly? You might as well not carry it around.” My cousin and sister chimed in all, “Well, I guess people like taking snapchats and stuff.”

Maybe 5 minutes later, I frolicked through twitter and found this gem of a tweet.

The tweet is written by Charlamagne Tha God, who on twitter is @cthagod, and it says, “I really wonder if this social media era is going to have a lot of the same life experiences we had. Y’all don’t go outside enough.”

(I tweeted him the link to this piece of writing, and he replied saying that it was a good read. How rad, right? He told me to credit him for the tweet. So, I am. )

So, I spent the rest of the day considering the possible detriment of social media.

People snapchat any and all moments of life. They tweet every quotable thing their friends and family members say. They do everything for the ‘gram. By documenting so much through social media, a lot of people are ruining the magic of life.

Because now, everyone knows everything. You won’t have anything left to say when you meet up with your friends in real life because they’ve already seen it all.

Telling people stories in person rather than through a screen is the fun part. Seeing the surprise on their faces when they find out about how everything went down as you place emphasis on the highlights and narrate the course of events through your own perspective – that’s money.

Ironically enough, Snapchat stories are eroding the art of storytelling, and so are other forms of social media.

When I was in San Francisco this past weekend, I posted one snap to my snapchat story per day. In every single one, I was sitting – BECAUSE THAT’S WHEN I HAD TIME.

I tweeted some stuff. I posted pictures on Instagram. But when I meet up with my friends and they ask what I’ve been up to, I’ll be able to tell them about many of my SF shenanigans for the very first time because I didn’t post about them.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • The guy who’s middle name is probably B.S.
  • The prison that rekindled some romance.
  • Our green tea remix to Antidote by Travis Scott.
  • My new nickname – Binelia.
  • Willy’s life hack for tricking people into thinking you’re a fitness superstar.
  • My brunch date with Stephen Curry.
  • The house.
  • Musafa’s disloyalty.
  • Kira’s experience as a seeing eye dog.
  • The Cheesecake Factory that trolled us.
  • My mom trolling us.
  • My brother’s new dance move – the windmill.
  • My stressful bacon eating experience.

Okay, I didn’t actually go to brunch with Stephen. I was hoping that if I casually wrote it in the middle of the list, it would blend in somehow. It was worth a try.

Stop overly documenting your life. Instead, you could try, like, actually enjoying your life. The real world isn’t filtered using vscocam, but it’s still worth looking at.



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