I’m Too Old to be Offended All the Time

I never thought that 19 would be the age at which I declare that I’m “too old” for something. But guys, I’m realizing that I’m too old to be offended all the time.

Of course, some things really do make me angry – like genuine racism, sexism, homophobia, religious discrimination, etc. But sometimes, it seems like people are just searching for things to be offended by.

It’ll be the smallest things. Sombreros are problematic to some people. There’s a post on tumblr in which someone says that saying “third world country” is okay but saying “developing country” isn’t because the former comes from Mao Zedong’s three world’s theory and the latter suggests that the country isn’t as developed as others. A few weeks ago, I wrote about a Wesleyan University student who wrote an opinion article for his school newspaper, and people who disagreed with it were trying to defund the entire publication. I also heard that calling women “females” is considered dehumanizing because female animals exist, and thus, its hard to determine what “female” really means. Oh, and forgive me if I as an Indian don’t express much outrage about white people using mendhi/henna. Sometimes, I get really busy being outraged about other stuff, like hate crimes and terrorist attacks.

My theory is that some people take offense so often because they believe it makes them superior. They think being offended means they’re being especially mindful of minority groups and as a result, they are even more in favor of social justice than everyone else. They want to give the impression that they are more intelligent and less bigoted. It gives them a pedestal to stand on.

Being offended all the time doesn’t make you a better person. You’re not the ultimate symbol of tolerance because you have ample time to spend on tumblr learning about everything. Your opinion doesn’t become fact because you treat it like fact.

At 19, I’m not old. But I’m getting older, and as I do so, I realize that trying to be better than everyone isn’t desirable – it’s annoying to the rest of the world.

The easily offended people aren’t that different from the people who listened to a particular artist “before it was cool” and people that tweet videos of themselves giving money to homeless people. They’re in the same category as the girls who want to make it VERY clear that they don’t wear makeup and those who haven’t accepted that Justin Bieber isn’t a baby anymore.

So, I didn’t find their music in 2011 the way you did. I feel that recording a stranger is weird, and I also understand giving homeless people change is still a good thing to do even if no one else knows about it. I think makeup is fun. I’m willing to admit that the Bieb has undergone quite the transformation since he become famous circa 2010, probably because he’s gone from being a child to being an adult. Fight me.

The easily offended people of the world are trying really hard to cling onto the idea of superiority. To them, this is that ONE thing they can have that makes them just a little above the rest of us. But I think they should give up. Hang out with the rest of the world, offended people. Laugh at messed up things with us. Cry about not having your life together with us. Get on the same level as us. You’ll probably enjoy life more that way.


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