Being Seen With Freckles.

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I have noticed a very peculiar dynamic throughout the 20 years I have been given thus far. It is a dynamic between people and perspective. Perspective is shaped by your core beliefs, life experience, worldview, and outlook on your future. We all have philosophies and experiences that shape how we see things. Some people see rain as dirty, polluted water falling from the sky and do everything in their power to avoid getting sprinkled on. Some people lay down in open spaces, experiencing life filling their souls as they feel the cold wet ground soak into their backs, and thank God for the magic water stuff (who understand how cumulonimbus clouds work anyway?) falling from the sky as it refreshes the parched land that is California. I definitely associate with the latter group of people. Some people see children as loud, messy inconveniences that need to be controlled and conditioned until they become mature and adult-like…

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