It’s already been a year since I’ve made this blog. My first post on here was “The Africa Line.” Before I put it onto this blog, I wrote it out. I was somewhere between the end of summer or the beginning of my first year of college, and I was considering majoring in journalism to become a writer. But I had to figure out if I could write. So, I wrote the africa line for fun. And I really enjoyed writing it. But I was skeptical on how good it actually was.

Sometime shortly after, I went to Denny’s with one of my friends to eat breakfast for lunch. I told her that I was considering majoring in Journalism, and that I had made an attempt at writing something substantial. She said that she wanted to read it. I told her that I would send it to her once I was finished writing. Truthfully, I had already finished writing, but I wanted to edit it if someone else was actually going to take the time to read it. The next day, I sent the email. And she told me it was a great piece. I sent it to another friend, who said the same thing. He even suggested that I post it somewhere to be read by others. So, I put it on tumblr.

I was so, so, so happy. People actually liked something that I wrote! People liked my thoughts! More than one person! I kept at it.

A year later, I have 64 followers. I still want to be a writer. If I become a successful writer and someone asks where it all changed for me, I’ll have to tell them that it was at that Denny’s brunch.


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