Why Bush did 9/11 is My Favorite Meme

What’s your favorite internet joke? I don’t know if it’s stillpopular, but I remember people would always say that girls who love cats tend to be ugly, single, man haters, etc. Now, if I had to choose, I’d be a dog lady. Dogs can’t eat chocolate or avocados, so there’d be more for me. And dogs are just so, so, so, so much better than cats. You can take them on walks, they tend to look happier, and they’re just better, okay?!

My favorite running joke on the internet is “Bush did 9/11”, an abbreviated form of “While in office, President George Bush organized and executed the September 11th terrorist attacks, possibly to justify the US declaring war on a foreign nation, which would likely boost patriotism and/or the economy.” There’s this one tweet captioned “Last night’s sunset *heart eyes emoji*” with a picture that reads 9:09 PM, another that reads 9:10 PM, a picture of George Bush in lieu of 9:11 PM, then a picture that reads 9:12 PM. People post screenshots of themselves replying to texts with “Bush did 9/11.” A tumblr post jokes that the B in Junie B Jones (you know, from your favorite book series in elementary school) stands for Bush did 9/11. Last night, I tweeted that I might start introducing myself to people as B(ush did 9/11)ineet because, well, my name is Bineet.

Bush did 9/11 is definitely my favorite joke on the internet. Not because it’s the funniest, or because I hate George Bush, but for another reason.

Bush did 9/11 is my favorite joke on the internet because it suggests that we as society are questioning what’s being told to us rather than just accepting it as factual because someone presented it to us factually. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there that practically force you to rethink what you know about September 11th. They’re in documentaries. They’re on the internet. They’re in documentaries that you can find on the internet. This information is so accessible, and more information means more reforming of opinions. Just because someone told you something doesn’t mean it’s true, even if that person is involved in government. Furthermore, people in government don’t always prioritize serving citizens over personal gain.

For example, did you know that a 1999 trial found the US government guilty in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr? I’ve known who King was since elementary school, but I didn’t know who truly killed him until the age of 18 because I never questioned it. Then, I saw it on the internet and felt so surprised.

You don’t necessarily need to feel paranoid about every single thing, but I would advise you to consider if anyone has ever failed to tell you the whole story. Maybe I’m taking the meme too seriously, but you know, I think it shows intelligence and critical thinking.

So, did Bush do 9/11? I don’t know. But I do know that people are questioning things more and more now. Which is great. Keep questioning things. But don’t question whether or not dogs are better than cats, because they are.


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