I entered some contest

So, chipotle is holding a writing contest with the prize being scholarship money and the chance to have your work featured on chipotle bags. Since I prefer ~TrU~ mexican food, I don’t care much for this place. But I entered anyways. The prompt is to write about a time food helped create a memory. No, I didn’t take this seriously. But what are you going to do (ps: I think free guacamole would’ve been a better prize)


In the summer of 2006, Justin Timberlake released his second album and I spent six weeks in India. Eventually, I yearned for the familiarity of my native country. More than anything, I wanted to eat American food again.

Our flights on the way home were from New Delhi, India to Frankfurt, Germany to California. Frankly (pun intended), my spirits were high despite the long flight because I was headed home.

Upon entering the home of Kanye West and bald eagles, my heart waltzed with glee. I made it. My sister Kira and I informed our mom that we were hungry. She tiredly handed us cash to get ourselves something.

Kira and I walked around the airport searching for something edible. She spotted a breakfast restaurant and said, “We’re going” I eagerly followed. We ordered and received our food shortly.

Those buttered pancakes topped with syrup and accompanied by an orange slice took through a euphoric wonderland. I was the happiest clam in the sea; the most upbeat butterfly in the tree; the most jubilant grain of sugar in a cup of tea. Nothing could’ve prepared me for that.

Not only were those pancakes yummy, they engraved a memory into my head. I’ll always remember those pancakes as a symbol of patriotism. Upon eating them, I was thrilled to be back in the United States. Whenever I tell other about these pancakes, I feel flooded with memories of returning to a place of familiarity and beauty. I love America and I love pancakes – but I really love American pancakes.

There are many different people on Earth. We all have different lives, opinions, and priorities. But at the same time, we all share the common interest of food. For that reason, I see food as a global unifier.


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