Advice part II

A while ago, I made a post titled “Advice I’d give if someone asked.” I really liked writing it, so now, a year after graduating high school (364 days, actually, if you care) – here is Advice I’d give if a high schooler asked

1. Some people will emphasize the importance of putting a lot of effort into school because it’ll make a difference in college admissions. Others will tell you that a high GPA is not worth sacrificing your mental health and well being over. Well, they’re both right. Work hard, but take care of yourself. Find that middle ground.

2. Even if you think you go to a school full of people not worth being friends with, there’s probably one or two people that are awesome. Find them. Love them. And don’t let go of them.

3. On a similar note, you only need a few friends. Nothing wrong with having more, but don’t get caught up in the idea that being known is what really matters.

4. Popularity barely matters. There’s no point in being cool if your friends don’t truly like you.

5. Treasure your friendships. Write your friends letters on their birthdays, or even just drawings. Bake them cookies just because. Tell your friends that you love them.

6. Don’t believe that your life won’t be enjoyable until after you’re earned a diploma. High school can be awesome, too. You still live with your parents, which is easy and convenient. You don’t have to have your life figured out yet. And you can probably get away with a minor crime before turning 18, like hopping a fence or something.

7. If someone told you that you were a loser for not drinking lemonade, wouldn’t you think that’s odd? It’s just liquid. Well, alcohol is also just liquid. Not drinking alcohol doesn’t make you any less rad, so don’t think otherwise.

8. I know you might think Snapchat is a foolproof way to send a picture of anything because it’s only 10 seconds or whatever, but screenshots are still a thing.

9. Sometimes, teachers are willing to work with you to get a higher grade if A) you’re close (ex: 79.6%) and B) you actually made an effort during the school year. The latter is vital. Ask questions in class, complete your assignments, and do extra credit. You’ll probably be happy you did.

10. Don’t fall asleep in class too often. Sometimes, teachers tell interesting stories.


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