Summer Life Hacks

1. Bite into your ice cream rather than licking it to assert dominance.

2. If you don’t want your summer to go by quickly, make it as miserable as possible. Time only flies if you’re having fun.

3. Always keep a bottle of sunscreen behind your ear for convenience.

4. Got handed the aux? Play tongue tied by grouplove. The song practically smells like summer.

5. Are your friends mad that you literally won’t play anything but tongue tied? Kick them out the car while yelling “olly olly auxen free!” (Like olly olly oxen free ya know) (I’m really funny)

6. Have a watermelon, but don’t know the best way to cut it for sharing? Eat the whole thing you baby sharing’s for losers

7. Don’t use a tanning bed because nothing will ruin your summertime aesthetic more than a melanoma tumor.

8. Read a book


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