Compacted Memories

My cousin currently has my aux cord, so I’ve been listening to CDs while driving. I found my Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience CD and that was stellar. But, I also found some CDs that my sister made in 2010 and 2011.

In case you don’t know how to subtract, these CDs are years old. As a result, the songs are all throwbacks. It’s great. So far, some of the songs I’ve heard are: Like a G6 by The Cataracts, 143 by Bobby Brackins, I’m a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears, and Push by Enrique Iglesias. Those are the tamer ones. If my mom didn’t know about this blog, I’d list others.

So, yeah. It’s been really fun listening to these. It’s a little bit of an adventure, too, because I never know what song is coming next.

I love CDs. I’ve burned some for my friends. I made my sister a surprise CD for Valentine’s Day. I compiled a CD of songs to listen to at night (1). I compiled a CD with music loosely based off of summer vibes (2). I burned one that was half night, half summer (3). Then, I made my friend a CD of remixes (4). After that, my other homie wanted a CD and even allowed me to pick the theme. I went with throwbacks (5). The most recent one I made was filled with happy music (6). I put all of the song lists at the bottom, if you care.

What is it about CDs that I love? I haven’t been able to figure it out for a while, but my auxless adventures helped me figure out.

You see, the radio just plays whatever is popular at that time. Blurred Lines was on every station a while back, but I haven’t heard it in a while. I’d say it’s all about Uptown Funk now. Phones aren’t completely comprehensive. I got a new phone in January and forgot to put some songs onto it. I didn’t realize until I specifically wanted to play that song, then I wailed out of despair. Also, sometimes you have to go through the dishonor of deleting some music to make room in your phone’s storage.

But CDs? They don’t change. I could hand my sister one of those CDs and maybe she’d think, “Oh, track seven was the jimmity jam in my high school days! Good times.” Years from now, one of my friends that owns a CD I burned might find it under a pile and remember a different time. Who knows, maybe we’ll have lost contact with each other. But that CD will still exist as a token of something we had. CDs are compacted discs, but they’re also compacted memories.

So, I suggest that you burn a CD for someone special in your life. Fill it with songs that you both love. Or, the songs that only you love, regardless of their popularity. Or, the current hits. Make a CD in which every song is slow paced. Compile a disc of music sung by people with great voices – like Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and Lana del Rey. Put a CD together with the 90s greatest hits. Or, early 2000s. CDs are cool, man. They’re the only thing you can burn without starting a fire.

Here are the aforementioned songlists

1. From Above by Rae Morris
2. We All Try by Frank Ocean
3. Pillow Talk by Kid Cudi
4. Insane by Flume
5. Echoes of Silence by The Weeknd
6. Lost by Chance the Rapper
7. Grow by Rae Morris
8. Intro by The Xx
9. Miss America by Lana del Rey
10. Man of the Year by Logic
11. Until the end of time by Justin Timberlake
12. Secret by Maroon 5
13. The Handshake by MGMT
14. Hero by Regina Spektor
15. Troubled Boy by Kid Cudi

1. Summer Love/Set the Mood Prelude by Justin Timberlake
2. Strawberry Swing by Frank Ocean
3. Tongue Tied by Grouplove
4. Up Up and Away by Kid Cudi
5. Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Jammin by Bob Marley
7. Sleepless by Flume
8. West Coast by Lana del Rey
9. Favorite Song by Chance the Rapper
10. Ride (Barretso Remix) by Lana del Rey
11. Hey Ya by Outkast
12. Of Moons, Birds and Monsters by MGMT
13. 925 by Logic
14. Nature Feels by Frank Ocean
15. Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki remix) by Kid Cudi

1. Summer Love/Set the Mood Prelude by Justin Timberlake
2. Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Tongue Tied by Grouplove
4. Hey Ya by Outkast
5. Strawberry Swing by Frank Ocean
6. West Coast by Lana del Rey
7. Break it Down by Logic
8. Secret by Maroon 5
9. Love in the Sky by The Weeknd
10. Lost by Chance the Rapper
11. Summertime Sadness by Lana del Rey
12. Poetic Justice by Kendrick Lamar

1. That Tree (Hipshaker Remix) by Snoop Dogg
2. Ride (Barretso remix) by Lana del Rey
3. Everybody (JAM3S KATO remix) by Backstreet Boys
4. Come Fly Away (mobbing remix) by Benny Benassi
5. Or Nah ($two edit) by Ty Dolla $ign
6. West Coast (Xcellence Dance Remix) by Lana del Rey
7. Tennis Courts (Flume remix) by Lorde
8. Californication (Gamper and Dadoni remix) by Red Hot Chili Peppers
9. Sleazy Remix 2.0: Get sleazier (featuring Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. and Andre 3000) by Ke$ha
10. Mrs. Jackson (Jean Tonique Remix) by Outkast
11. Reload (Vocal Mix) by Sebastian Ingrosso
12. You and Me (Flume remix) by Disclosure
13. I got 5 on it (J rabbit remix) by Luniz
14. Sexy Ladies (remix) (featuring 50 cent) by Justin Timberlake
15. Starry Eyed (Minnesota remix) by Ellie Goulding

1. No Strings Attached by *NSYNC
2. Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne
3. It’s Gotta be You by Backstreet Boys
4. Raise me Up (Mississippi South) by Lana del Rey
5. Who let the Dogs Out by Baha Men
6. Rapper’s Delight by Sugar Hill Gang (the 14 minute version, of course)
7. Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
8. Right Where You Want Me by Jesse McCartney
9. Roses by Outkast
10. Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days
11. Get Down on It by Kool and the Gang
12. This Velvet Glove by Red Hot Chili Peppers
13. Pop by *NSYNC
14. Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy
15. Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado

1. Tongue Tied by Grouplove
2. Hold on When You get love and Let go when you give it by Stars
3. Up up and Away by Kid Cudi
4. Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters by MGMT
5. Strawberry Swing by Frank Ocean
6. Cinema by Benny Benassi
7. No Interruption by Hoodie Allen
8. Drop Out – The So Unknown by Jack’s Mannequin
9. 925 by Logic
10. 1901 by Phoenix
11. Take you Down by Bassnectar
12. Favorite Song by Chance the Rapper
13. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie
14. Lucy (Olivver Remix) by Skizzy Mars
15. Yea Hoe by Gangsta Boo and Sinje Hawke


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