In inaugural episode of “The Break,” Michelle Wolf puts us at ease

Comedian Michelle Wolf’s Netflix original talk show, “The Break,” premiered May 27. Wolf recently garnered controversy for her scorching, ruthless comedy at the 2018 White House Correspondent’s Dinner – namely for framing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a liar: “She burns facts, and then she uses that ash to create a perfect […]

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I Don’t Know Everything

I don’t know everything. I know a lot of things, though. I know my blood type – it’s A+. My blood has good grades. Maybe, it reads in its free time. I thought my blood type was B- until I donated blood. Not that this was life changing information, anyways. I know the difference between […]

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I Love Beach Rock

It is summer and I feel so alive. I have been listening to a lot of surf rock and beach rock. I don’t know the difference, honestly. Is there even a difference? Is the difference between surf rock and beach rock sort of like the difference between tangerines and clementines? Sure. There’s a difference. But […]

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My T shirt is Now a Tank Top

In high school, I ran cross country and track. One thing I noticed when I first joined was that just about everyone else sported tank tops that were former t shirts. It’s a great way to prove to people that you own a pair of scissors. And then also, you can have a new tank top […]

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