The dissatisfaction of tiptoeing

I sought out therapy during my final semester of college because I regularly experienced anxiety-induced vomiting and insomnia. And I grappled with suicidal ideation. And therapists have candy dishes. So that, too. I also hoped that therapy would make me a more likable person. This is counterintuitive, considering therapy focuses on self betterment. It’s not […]

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As it turns out, life is hard

I’m skeptical of the notion that the conclusion of one year and the commencement of another holds significance. Time is just time; and anything can occur in any year. However, it is difficult for me to deny that 2018 as a whole was arduous, with graduating from college serving as a catalyst. I was thrusted […]

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I don’t smoke cigarettes

Content warning: this contains mention of self harm. Growing up, I avoided cigarettes because I feared the possibility of an addiction swallowing me whole. Even now, I avoid nicotine. *** In spite of my efforts to not become an addict, I became one anyways. I spent about eight years of my life succumbing to what […]

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In inaugural episode of “The Break,” Michelle Wolf puts us at ease

Comedian Michelle Wolf’s Netflix original talk show, “The Break,” premiered May 27. Wolf recently garnered controversy for her scorching, ruthless comedy at the 2018 White House Correspondent’s Dinner – namely for framing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a liar: “She burns facts, and then she uses that ash to create a perfect […]

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