I Don’t Know Everything

I don’t know everything. I know a lot of things, though. I know my blood type – it’s A+. My blood has good grades. Maybe, it reads in its free time. I thought my blood type was B- until I donated blood. Not that this was life changing information, anyways. I know the difference between […]

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I Love Beach Rock

It is summer and I feel so alive. I have been listening to a lot of surf rock and beach rock. I don’t know the difference, honestly. Is there even a difference? Is the difference between surf rock and beach rock sort of like the difference between tangerines and clementines? Sure. There’s a difference. But […]

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My T shirt is Now a Tank Top

In high school, I ran cross country and track. One thing I noticed when I first joined was that just about everyone else sported tank tops that were former t shirts. It’s a great way to prove to people that you own a pair of scissors. And then also, you can have a new tank top […]

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I’m Tired, But I’m Living

My fingernails aren’t painted right now. They usually are, but I’ve been slacking on it lately. I was so frustrated earlier this week that I peeled my nail polish off. I don’t even remember if it was yesterday or the day before that. But yeah; I’m tired. This semester, I have a class in which I’m […]

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Pineapple on Pizza

There’s an ongoing meme/war about whether or not pineapple is an adequate pizza topping. Usually people refer to it as “pineapple does/doesn’t belong on pizza,” which is such a funny way to phrase it to me. Using the word “belong” suggests it’s more about categorization than opinion. People say “pineapple belongs on pizza” the same way […]

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